Residential Rental Market Development

As industry leaders in property re-development and re-purposing, we expertly transition abandoned buildings into multi-residential, mixed-use and commercial developments. Throughout our history, it has become clear that our redevelopment projects yield a wide range of positive benefits directly impacting the communities in which we serve.

The environmental benefits of a well-executed redevelopment are substantial rendering a drastically lower environmental footprint when compared to new builds. A high percentage of onsite construction material is either recycled or reused and the ethical removal of pre-existing hazardous and contaminated ground waste generates an immediate and lasting benefit to local wildlife.

Though we are dedicated to the pursuit of constant innovation we maintain our sincere appreciation for the inherent beauty and importance of each building we transition and preserve. This defines our holistic approach to community creation and our commitment to preserving the look and feel of historic and culturally significant buildings.

All of our real estate developments bring with them both short term and long-term economic benefits to many local communities across Southern Ontario. This includes the creation of several good-paying jobs, expanded economic development and an increased tax base.

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TVM Residential Rental Development