TVM - A history of success

We are fearless builders, developers, and community creators with a unique ability to identify and capitalize on various opportunities in often-overlooked markets. Our proven track record of success in both property redevelopment and small and mid-market condominium development has firmly established us as well-respected industry leaders.

Our portfolio of past projects highlights our diversity and includes category-creating luxury condominiums, affordable housing projects, seniors living facilities and specially designed accessible housing for persons with special needs.


Riverwalk Condominiums
TVM Completes Riverwalk Condominiums
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Harbour Breeze Condos
TVM launches Harbour Breeze Condominiums
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Sault Ste. Marie
TVM acquires the old Sault Area Hospital site
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185 Hunter Street
Phase 1 of TVM's redevelopment of the old St. Josephs hospital site
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207 Murray Street
TVM Completes a brand new building with 16 residential rental apartments
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