As builders and developers the TVM Group constantly strives to add value to the people and communities in which we operate.

At the core of our business is an industry leading expertise in property redevelopment and repurposing. By transitioning abandoned buildings into vibrant residential and commercial properties our activities add value to many Canadian towns and cities in a variety of ways. Firstly, redevelopment is fundamentally the recycling of buildings for future use and though this process is a challenging one, requiring special knowledge and expertise, it can be very rewarding. The environment benefits from the the thorough clean up of the site; including the removal of hazardous and contaminated construction and ground components yield an immediate positive impact to the surrounding wildlife.  Onsite many components are sent for recycling and those that are not are reused in the future development project drastically reducing the overall environmental footprint during construction.

Repurposing buildings adds value to neighborhoods through the preservation of iconic historical and cultural buildings. By maintaining much of the exterior structure the visual appeal of some of these special buildings is preserved adding to the visual vibrancy of any community.

The economic impact of our activities positively affects communities by creating good paying jobs, driving economic development and improving the tax base.

Our product offering also caters to a wide demographic of customers including the wealthy luxury condominium market, affordable housing and special / accessible housing catering to the physically and mentally disabled, the elderly and the those in need of financial assistance.

TVM has also partnered with several charitable foundations in order to directly impact the communities and people we serve. Through our real estate development services and direct sponsorship we help to service and support over 10 different charitable organizations in 6 different cities and towns in Ontario.