TVM George – 406-412 George St.


Located in the most prestigious section of Peterborough’s downtown core, this charming mixed use commercial-residential property has been designated as a Heritage Property by the City of Peterborough. Several of the commercial tenants form an important part of the City’s downtown history. With 6 store fronts and 13 apartments, the property offers a unique combination with a perfectly central location. A major renovation was completed to half of the property in early 2011. Systems and finishes were replaced concurrent with an expansion of the upper floors and conversion of previously commercial space to residential. This property offers approximately 8,000 square feet of commercial/retail space.


TVM George forms an important part of the fiber of its section of downtown. Shops and services attract a special interest clientele with provide for continuing support to the developing charisma of the area. The heritage feel of the property offers retailers a distinction and flair for their clients to identify with. The ease and convenience of the central location, offers downtown shoppers a perfect opportunity to drop in and patronize the street front merchant shops.

Tenant List
  • Earth Food Store
  • Thin City Longboard
  • Jenny’s Spa
  • Nielsen’s Jewelry
  • Brown’s Business Equipment
  • O’haira Hair Studio
406 - 412 George St., Peterborough, Ontario, Canada